Bespoke Orthotics

Orthotics are specialist shoe inserts which help to re-align the foot posture and reduce abnormal tissue stress on the feet and lower limbs.

Before custom/bespoke orthotics can be manufactured a thorough foot and posture and gait analysis must be completed. A cast of your feet must be taken for the production of custom manufactured orthotics. This is an extremely skilled process requiring years of experience and expertise to design your orthotic device.

Casting or moulding your feet involves us holding the foot in a specific position, relative to your leg. A mould is then taken. From this mould custom made orthotics can be produced here at the clinic. The custom made orthotic insoles aim to reduce the symptoms resulting from biomechanical problems of arthritis, bunions, hammer toes or pains to the ball of the foot. The largest high risk patients include those with diabetes, neurological or vascular conditions, fallen arches, ‘flat feet’ and injuries from active sports such as running/jogging, golf and long distance leisure walkers.

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